Baja’s Secretary of State accused of interfering with missing person searches

SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Baja California Secretary of State Alfredo Álvarez Cárdenas denies his office is interfering with private groups that search for missing people throughout the state.

Earlier this week, search groups staged a protest claiming state officials were stopping search parties from doing their work, something with which Álvarez Cárdenas disagrees.

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“We’ve tried to maintain a line of dialogue,” he said. “There is nothing to talk about regarding these expressed disagreements. I don’t know the reason for their arguments in all honesty.”

The search groups maintain that state officers have closed down sites and denied access to certain areas.

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“Planned searches are being allowed to proceed. They haven’t been canceled, and go on as planned,” said Álvarez Cárdenas. “Their interests in finding loved ones align with ours.”

Baja’s secretary of state did tell reporters that sometimes they can’t help due to limited resources, but the searchers are always welcomed.

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But leaders of the search groups claim that during their protest this week, they were expelled from government offices. They also accused officials of abusing their power, something Álvarez Cárdenas denies.

“When they came into our offices we had conversations with them and asked them to vacate the premises politely, something they accepted to do, it’s nothing like what they are claiming now,” he said.

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Over the years, these private search groups have been credited for finding the remains of hundreds of missing persons throughout Baja California.

They often follow up on anonymous tips and fund themselves privately.

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