Bail reduced for pro basketball trainer from RI charged with drugging and raping a woman

A Boston judge has reduced bail for a high-profile pro basketball skills trainer from Rhode Island, charged with drugging and raping a woman.  Robert W. McClanaghan’s bail was cut from $30,000 to $10,000 Tuesday after his lawyer challenged key components of the case.

A toxicology test conducted by the State Lab found no commonly known date rape drugs in the system of McClanaghan’s accuser. His lawyer, Kelli Porges said Alprazolam and Amphetamines were detected in the woman, but according to Porges, those pharmaceuticals were at levels that would have not caused the symptoms the accuser has alleged.

In a bail reduction hearing, Porges told the Judge, “What’s troubling is when they initially interviewed the complainant and asked if she takes any drugs, she said no.”  When the woman was shown the toxicology report, Porges said she admitted to taking both medications.

Suffolk County Assistant D.A. Erin Murphy said the toxicology report would only show what was in the woman’s body at the time her blood was taken.

“There are date rape-type drugs that wouldn’t be detected in a person’s system approximately 17 or up to 24 hours later,” Murphy said.

In November, a woman accused McClanaghan of sprinkling something in her drink at a hotel bar and then taking her to a hotel room where they had sex.  Prosecutors have said the alleged drink spiking can be seen on surveillance video.

In a court filing, Attorney Porges writes, “the video unequivocally shows the complainant watching the defendant jokingly and in full view pretend to put something in her drink to which she slaps his hand away, laughs and continues the date.  The video depicts her walking to the elevator and to her hotel room in high-heeled boots without issue after leaving the bar over two hours later.”

McClanaghan exchanged sexual messages with the woman and sent her a photo of two people engaging in a sexual act the following day.  Porges said the accuser thought it was a picture of her from the hotel room

“When Mr. McClanaghan was arrested, he told the police, yes, I sent that. That’s from a porn site. That’s not me. That’s not her,” Porges argued.

McClanaghan remains free on reduced bail.  Prosecutor Murphy noted the case could be presented to a grand jury in the coming weeks.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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