Bail Bondsman Charged With Bigamy After Allegedly Marrying Woman and Her Teen Daughter

A Pennsylvania bail bondsman is behind bars and apparently unable to make his own bail after his arrest on multiple charges, including bigamy, after he was found to be married a 43-year-old woman and her 18-year-old daughter at the same time, authorities said.

Christopher Hauptmann, 43, was unable to post $300,000 bail, in spite of his argument before Shamokin District Judge John Gembic that he should remain free because criminals would run “buck wild” during his time in jail, the Daily Item reported.

“This is a bizarre case,” Judge Gembic reportedly said when presented with the charges.  

Authorities executed a search warrant at Hauptmann's home Tuesday after the Northumberland County District Attorney’s Office received information that the 43-year-old man also went by the name Christopher Buckley, the DA’s office said in a statement.

Records for Buckley show he had previously been sentenced for drug crimes in California, but records for Hauptmann, an alias allegedly used last year to apply for a concealed weapon permit in Northumberland County, showed no serious interactions with law enforcement, officials said.

Investigators said Hauptmann and Buckley looked the same and shared the same birth date, hair color, eye color, street address — and fingerprints.

Hauptmann also allegedly bought firearms in 2012 and 2013, knowing that identifying himself as “Christopher Buckley” would have prevented such a purchase.

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Officials investigating Hauptmann found he had allegedly married an 18-year-old woman while still married to that woman’s mother, whom he had wed less than a year earlier.

In November 2015, Hauptmann married 43-year-old Shannon Deitrich-Durovick in Florida, authorities said.

The pair was still married when he married Deitrich-Durovick’s daughter, Kaylee Durovick — now Kaylee Hauptmann — in September 2016, officials said.

“A written statement from the elder Durovick suggest both marriages remain valid as of this date,” the district attorney said in a statement on Wednesday.

Hauptmann and his second wife own and operate PA Bail and Recovery in Coal Township, saying on their website they offer services including background checks, fugitive recovery, prisoner transport and defendant monitoring.

“Spending quality time with my amazing husband. Loyalty and dedication. Till death do us part,” Kaylee Hauptmann wrote on a Facebook photo of the pair smiling on February 2.

She and Deitrich-Durovick are not currently on speaking terms, the mother posted on social media.

“Ripping my heart out all over again,” she wrote on Facebook on February 2.

Deitrich-Durovick declined's request for comment, citing the ongoing investigation. 

During his appearance before Judge Gembic, Hauptmann reportedly continued to ask to be released, saying he is not a flight risk and said he has “hundreds of clients out on bail” who were at risk of running “buck wild” if he remains behind bars.

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“I have always been on the side of the law, and I have had police back me up several times," he told the Daily Item. "That's why they handcuffed me in the front because they know I am no threat to them."

But Northumberland County Detective Degg Stark argued Hauptmann was a flight risk, saying: “He is wrong … there are a number of other charges on the way in this case. There will be three other outside agencies involved with this case by the end of the day."

Hauptmann was charged with four felony weapons charges and one charge of misdemeanor bigamy.

He remained in custody at Montour County Prison on Thursday, officials said.

The investigation is ongoing and the Hauptmanns' bail bond agency has a legal surety bond with the county, however, since Hauptmann was allegedly using false identification, the bonds posted may not be legal, the district attorney’s office told the Daily Item.

When reached by, Kaylee Hauptmann declined to comment.

On Tuesday, she told the Daily Item that while their business was still in operation, she herself is not a licensed bail bondsman and was using sub-contractors to provide bail.

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