Bahraini artist makes furniture from recycled wood

STORY: From trash to treasure - this artist turns unwanted wood into furniture

Locator: Manama, Bahrain

(Ali Najeeb, Artist) "On my free time, I like to use waste wood, wasted [tree] branches and recycle them to make nice accessories or nice stuff, gifts from these kind of woods. They always surprise you with what is inside them. Once you clean them, you will find amazing stuff then you can turn them to whatever your imagination can take you."

Najeeb combines his passion for the environment with art

giving scrap logs a second lease of life

to create useful items that he either donates or sells at low prices

"Part of me feels like this is a soul, the tree is a soul. So once you cut it, it loses its life, so I am trying to give it another life. Instead of throwing it in the garbage, we are giving it another opportunity to be used and just to do a small contribution to the environment.”