Badger and Coyote Seen Traveling Together in Highway Culvert

A team of researchers in California documenting how wildlife interact with roadway structures have found a coyote and badger that appear to be close traveling companions.

The charming footage, showing a coyote waiting at the mouth of a culvert until its badger pal is ready to follow, was captured via a remote-sensor camera near Gilroy, in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The camera is one of a number set up by the Peninsula Open Space Trust. The trust says it is using the footage to build a “robust data set to identify the areas of safe passage for wildlife that can be maintained or enhanced, as well as areas where crossing structures could be most useful.”

The video of the coyote and badger also shows raccoons, skunks, and a deer.

According to POST, studies have shown that a badger and coyote hunting together can benefit both species as they pursue common prey, such as squirrels. Credit: Peninsula Open Space Trust via Storyful