Back-To-School-Shopping - Show your love for pets with themed pencils, backpacks, and more

Make the school day more fun with pet-themed supplies.
Make the school day more fun with pet-themed supplies.

It’s back-to-school time! Whether you or your kids are in elementary school, high school or college, or you’re a teacher, there’s nothing wrong with putting a little fun in the day or expressing a love of animals with the tools for learning. We’ve found an assortment of items to make going back to school less of a slog and more putting on the dog (or cat!).

All right, class, pick up your pencils and begin! Filling in the circles on test forms might be more fun with colorful paw print-themed pencils. A pack of 24 ensures that another one is always available if some get lost or loaned. (

Every good pencil should be accompanied by a cute eraser. This pink eraser adorned with a whiskered black cat is purr-fect for whisking away mistakes. (

Ask any student, teacher, writer or editor: Work, including homework, is more fun and goes better when you have a great pen that writes smoothly. Bonus points if it’s decorated with dogs or cats. A pack of 10 sparkly pens in five colors feature a curious black cat. The retractable black ink ballpoint pens write with a smooth motion. Use one for homework, grading or to write stories about your cat. (

Dog-loving students and teachers will appreciate this zippered pen and pencil case featuring an assortment of dogs, including Dalmatians, poodles, corgis and beagles. Interior pockets can also hold other school supplies. (

Whether you’re reading “The Egypt Game” or studying for a Ph.D. in Egyptology, you’ll love this Egyptian cat-themed spiral-bound notebook featuring Carrie Hawks fantasy art of Egyptian cat goddess Bastet and a bejeweled cat wearing a scarab collar. Interior page options include graph, lined, sketch, checklist and more. (

Enjoy looking at your dog in every class. Dog lovers can personalize an 80-page spiral-bound notebook with their dog’s photo (encircled by pawprints) and their dog’s name. Pawprints and text can be in black or a color. ( your_custom_pet_photo_with_paws_text_notebook-130756301237384260)

Look forward to eating lunch from this insulated waterproof bag personalized with your dog’s photo and your name. It’s also fun for picnics or hikes with your dog, easily holding treats for both of you. Two outer pockets hold utensils, keys or other small items. Keeps food warm or cool. (

Everybody knows smarty cats wear glasses. And they carry cute insulated lunch bags like this one with an accompanying cat-shaped ice pack and an insulated food container. If blue is your favorite color, get the version with a cheetah print design. A snap strap attaches it to a backpack. (

To go with your lunch bag and reduce the use of plastic bottles, get a colorful paws collapsible reusable water bottle. It’s flat and lightweight when empty but holds up to a liter of water. A carabiner clip makes it easy to attach to a backpack. Money from sales supports animal rescue efforts. (

Zoom into the school year with this magically cute space cat backpack for carrying books and other school supplies. It comes with plenty of pockets and a stretchy side pocket for holding a water bottle. (

For more down-to-earth dog lovers, check out this navy backpack patterned with pawprints and a tricolor dog. It has several interior and exterior pockets and pouches for stashing pens, pencils, a phone, water bottle and other school necessities. (

It’s easier to find your place when you use these cute dog sticky notes to mark the pages you need to study, and the accompanying lined pad is perfect for making to-do lists. ( Cat lovers will prefer colorful cat-shaped sticky notes and paper clips to mark what to read next. (

By Kim Campbell Thornton

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