‘Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall’s Wedding ‘Date’ Spoilers: Details Of Saucy Group Date In Episode 2 Revealed

'Bachelor' Nick Viall's Wedding Date Spoilers
'Bachelor' Nick Viall's Wedding Date Spoilers

While Bachelor fans don’t know when Nick Viall’s wedding date to the winner is, they’ll get a dose of a put-on performance this week. This episode will give Nick himself a taste of why he’s on the show to begin with — to find a wife.

Warning: Bachelor spoilers below details saucy wedding group date for the January 9 episode.

Reality Steve blogged about Bachelor spoilers revolving around Nick Viall’s wedding group date with 12 of the contestants. It gets especially racy when Corinne exposes her breasts during a photo shoot, enraging the other women.

Eight cast members are selected to be brides and four are selected to be bridesmaids. The brides are Vanessa, Corinne, Danielle L., Hailey, Sarah, Alexis, Brittany, and Taylor. The bridesmaids will be Raven, Jasmine, Lacey, and Elizabeth W.

'Bachelor' Nick Viall's Wedding Date Spoilers For Episode 2
12 cast members gather for a wedding group date with Nick Viall on ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 airing Monday, January 9 on ABC. [Image by Rick Rowell/ABC]

Bachelor star Nick Viall’s wedding date will see the seven brides in various themes of dresses that include a “Beach Bride,” “Shotgun Wedding Bride,” “Biker Babe Bride,” and more. As the photos show, Vanessa will wear an 80s-style gown. According to Reality Steve, Brittany had a wedding dress on that “just leaves covering her bottom and no top,” leaving Corinne “jealous” that she didn’t get that ensemble.

Corinne evens the score, however, when she turns up the heat during a photo shoot. She’s the one wearing the “Beach Bride” wedding gown in this group date with Nick Viall. She adds a twist by taking off her top in the pool and putting Nick’s hands on her bare breasts. She’s pulling this stunt in front of everyone and doesn’t have a care in the world.

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