'Bachelor' fans say runner-up Gabi Elnicki was 'giving revenge dress' during the finale

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"Bachelor" fans were reading into contestants' fashion choices in the Season 27 finale, which aired on March 27.

During Monday night's "After the Final Rose" special, which aired live and offered commentary on the events of the "Bachelor" finale, runner-up Gabi Elnicki took the stage dressed in a black, V-neck sparkly dress.

Gabi was visibly emotional while speaking to host Jesse Palmer. She was eliminated in the final episode, with lead Zach Shallcross confirming what she said she already knew: She wasn't "the one."

Her dress, however, told a story of confidence. Online, fans compared her gown to the black dress Princess Diana wore to the Vanity Fair party at the Serpentine Gallery on Nov. 20, 1994, the same evening Prince Charles (now King Charles III) admitted to adultery on national television, per the New York Times.

Today, the Christina Stambolian number is referred to as Princess Diana's revenge dress — and "Bachelor" fans said Gabi was channeling that vibe.

“Gabi is giving revenge dress,” one user wrote on Twitter.

"Gabi is in her Diana Revenge Dress era and I am so here for it," another user wrote.

Others compared it to Taylor Swift's "Reputation" aesthetic, characterized by clap backs and confidence.

"gabi is giving reputation with this black sparkly dress. she is now in her revenge era," another user added.

Gabi’s stint on the “Bachelor” didn’t end as she had hoped. During Monday’s episode, she expressed her hurt over Zach's approach to the Fantasy Suites experience.

Initially, Zach proclaimed that "sex of any kind" was off the table — but proceeded to be intimate with her. Then, Zach told remaining contestant Kaity Biggar what had happened (and didn't tell Ariel Frenkel at all).

Zach ended the season engaged to finalist Kaity Biggar — a decision that also may have been coded into fashion choices.

In the final episode, Gabi greeted Zach wearing a highlighter yellow dress. Kaity, tellingly, was in white.

"Kaity’s wearing a white dress is it a sign," one user wrote.

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