Baby knows 'Xbox' before any other word

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Baby knows 'Xbox' before any other word

Nine-month-old Kyla Hollan is just beginning to understand words. But according to her parents, so far she responds to only one: "Xbox."

"We noticed about a month ago that whatever Kyla was doing — drinking a bottle, crying, playing with her toys — she would look to see what was happening with the Xbox," Jeff Hollan said. "It’s funny because it’s the only word she responds to."

So Jeff and Courtney Hollan, who live in Issaquah, Wash., did what any first-time parents would do: They documented Kyla's Xbox obsession on video.

In the video, Kyla appears to be unmoved when asked to identify "mama" or "dada." But whenever the gaming console is mentioned, she immediately looks at the TV.

"Since we have the new Xbox, it’s on daily we control our music, TV, movies and entertainment with our voice out in the main room," Jeff explained. "Kyla knows when she hears 'Xbox' there’s a good chance a song she loves may start playing."

Of course, Kyla's not the first infant to show the effects of being born into a technology-obsessed culture.

In 2011, the video of a year-old girl treating a print magazine like an iPad clicking on photos and swiping pages went viral.