These baby names are expected to trend in 2024 while these could go extinct

(KSWB) — With the new year comes a new list of popular baby names. From year to year, popular baby names can change drastically, with some classic names coming back into style while other names, like millennial names this year, go out of style.

BabyCenter gathers data from parents that register their names with the online media company, and as every year, have released their projections for the new year.

Did you name your baby Olivia, Isabella, Sophia, Noah, Liam or Oliver? If you did then you chose some of the most popular baby names of 2024, thus far.

At the same time, there are many names that are at risk of going extinct like millennial names, last names used as first names, and “-aden” sounding names.

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For 2024, BabyCenter projects these are the top 10 girls names: Olivia, Isabella, Sophia, Amelia, Charlotte, Ava, Emma, Aurora, Ellie and Luna.

These are the projected top boys names for 2024: Noah, Lia, Oliver, Elijah, Asher, Ezra, Mateo, Lucas, James and Leo. For inspiration, check out BabyCenter’s full list of the top 100 baby names for boys and girls for 2024.

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Millennial names like Amanda, Angela, Brooke, Diana and Michelle, popular in the 80s and 90s, are declining in popularity.

Last names used as first names are also on the way out — Baylor, Bradley, Brady, Clayton, Hendrix, Preston and Reid are down for boys; and McKenzie, Oaklee, Raegan and Sawyer are down for girls.

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Bradley has fallen far down the list for the second year.

Names with the sound “-aden” are also out — Aidan, Raiden and Jaiden all went down in the rankings.

The fastest falling names for 2024: Julius fell 189 spots; Jaiden fell 151 spots; Johnny fell 150 spots; Raiden fell 147 spots; and Reid fell 143 spots.

For girls, Brooke is down 198 spots; Blake is down 185 spots; McKenzie is down 184 spots; Brooklynn is down 182 spots; and Charli is down 179 spots.

The trend for 2023 baby names saw shorter more nickname like names — Ellie, Josie, Theo, Leo — along with less geographical names.

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“Barbenheimer” dominated the box office in late 2023, also giving inspiration to parents-to-be. The release of the “Barbie” film brought a boost to girl’s baby names like Barbara, Greta and Margo. While the release of “Oppenheimer” brought popularity to Robert, Katherine, Christopher and Cillian, even though those names were down compared to Barbie inspired baby names.

HBO’s “Last of Us” gave rise to names like Ellie and Joel. HBO’s “Succession” saw a rise in names Kendall and Siobhan.

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“Wednesday” brought the name Wednesday and Jenna into the spotlight. And Daisy from “Daisy Jones & the Six,” as well as Ronald from “Jury Duty,” are also seeing some popularity trends.

Following Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance last winter, the name Rihanna was up in 2023. And you can’t forget Taylor Swift, whose Eras Tour gave inspiration to baby names. The name Beyoncé didn’t quite make the ranks this year, but the name Sasha (from her album “I Am… Sasha Fierce”) is up a few spots.

Will the projected baby name trends be similar to 2023 or will they be their own thing entirely? We will have to find out.

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