Baby Beats the Odds To Survive, Despite Being Born With Feet the Size of Pennies

It's a miracle 9-month-old Francesca — whose feet were the size of pennies when she was born — is alive and thriving.

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Little Francesca, of Liverpool, England, was born premature. Her mom, Victoria Bradley, 37, was just 24 weeks pregnant when she gave birth.

"After Francesca was born, nurses actually gave me a memory box, which they do for babies that die at birth," Bradley said. "They took prints of her hands and feet for me."

The size of Francesca's footprints at birth were compared to the size of a single penny, according to photos provided by Caters News

"I thought she still looked like a fetus," Bradley said. "Her skin was see-through, and she didn't have eyelashes or eyebrows. Her eyes weren't even open yet."

When Bradley found out she was pregnant, her husband, 47, and step-daughter, 17, were shocked since she had originally been told she would never have kids.

But, she went into early labor in April 2016 while 24 weeks pregnant — just days after her local abortion limit. She said she was told doctors might not have worked to save her if she had gone into labor a few days earlier.

Little Francesca weighed just one pound, six ounces at birth. She was immediately hooked up to machines, and a team of doctors went straight to work.

Over the next few weeks, Francesca received 15 blood transfusions and several surgeries to treat meningitis, sepsis, two collapsed lungs and kidney problems. She even received surgery on her eyes at 10 weeks old after doctors feared the possibility of blindness.

"She just kept getting stronger each day," Bradley said. "After eight weeks, she was off her incubator. The doctors couldn't believe she was alive."

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At 17 weeks old, the miracle baby was discharged, and after fighting to stay healthy for the following months, the 9-month-old baby now weighs a healthy 15 pounds, two ounces.

"She's just a joy, she's so happy and she's cheeky too," Bradley said. "It's just great to finally have her home. I didn't think she would be here."

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