Azov regiment expands to brigade within National Guard of Ukraine

The Separate Special Operations Regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine, Azov has expanded to a brigade, and it is calling for recruits within the framework of the Offensive Guard initiative.

Source: Azov on YouTube

Quote: "This expansion was preceded by the Azov Regiment's nearly nine-year combat history.

It is 2023. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has begun forming new assault brigades under the Offensive Guard.

The Azov Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine became one of them. It is time to go on the offensive."

Details: Thus, the number of Azov members will rise.

Apart from this, Azov fighters will have more opportunities to form units armed with heavy weapons such as mechanised, tank etc.

In 2014, the Azov was formed as a battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Its members took part in the liberation of the city of Mariupol and the battles for the town of Ilovaisk.

Later, Azov was expanded, became a regiment and was reformatted into a separate special operations unit as a part of the 12th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine.

In 2015, Azov participated in the Shyrokyne operation; in 2019, in the defence of the Svitlodarsk arch; and in 2022, the Azov members defended the city of Mariupol for 86 days and were then blocked in the Azovstal plant and took part in the battles on the southern front.


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