Axelrod: GOP Platform 'Locked Up in the Same Vault as Mitt Romney's Tax Returns'

Chris Frates
National Journal

Despite higher unemployment, lower median income and a rising deficit, top Obama adviser David Axelrod argued that millions of American auto workers, homeowners and young people are better off today than they were four years ago thanks to the president’s auto bailout, mortgage renegotiation policies and health care reforms.

“We’re in a better position than we were four years ago with our economy,” Obama’s chief strategist told Fox News Sunday. “The average American recognizes that it took years to create the crisis that erupted in 2008 and deepened January of 2009 and it’s gonna take some time to work through it.”

Axelrod blasted Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s plan that he said would cut taxes for the wealthy and turn Medicare into a voucher program. Romney, he argued, has not said how he would put the country back on track.

“Their platform was locked up in the same vault as Mitt Romney’s tax returns,” he said.

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