Avoid these 5 numbers when playing the lottery: study

MANHATTAN, N.Y. (PIX11) — While the odds of winning the lottery are low, avoiding certain numbers may increase your chances, according to online gambling experts at JustGamblers.

The experts analyzed how frequently the numbers appeared in winning draws in the Powerball, Mega Millions, The Big Game, Hot Lotto, and Lucky for Life. Out of the 47 numbers to appear in all five lotteries, these are the numbers that averaged the lowest frequency:

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  • 47: The most unlucky number averaged a frequency of 138. It appeared 161 times in Mega Millions and 242 times in the Powerball.

  • 46: With an average frequency of 139.4, 46 is the second least common number in Hot Lotto. It has appeared 220 times in Powerball winnings.

  • 43: The least common number in Hot Lotto, 43 has an average frequency of 148.4. It was drawn 169 times in Mega Millions.

  • 41: With an average frequency of 153.2, the number 41 has been called 167 times in Lucky for Life and 45 times in The Big Game, making it the fourth most unlucky number.

  • 44: The fifth unluckiest number has been called 174 times in Lucky for Life and 52 times in Hot Lotto. It has an average frequency of 153.6.

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According to online gambling experts, the number 28 is the most commonly drawn number in the five lotteries. It has been called 244 times in the Lucky for Life lottery, making it the number one most frequent number in that game alone. In Mega Millions, it is the sixth most frequent number, having been called 327 times.

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