'Avengers' Star Mark Ruffalo Reveals His Hulk Inspiration - His Son's Tantrums

Mark Ruffalo arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Marvel's Avengers' at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on April 11, 2012 -- WireImage

Mark Ruffalo didn't have to look far for inspiration for his latest role as The Hulk/Bruce Banner in "The Avengers." In fact, he did most of his character research in the comfort of his own home.

"I was channeling my 10-year-old son, who I dedicate my performance to," Mark told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson at "The Avengers" premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday evening, of using his son's temper tantrums as a model for The Hulk. "It's that horrible moment in a child's life when the world expects a certain kind of behavior from [them], but [they] can't quite hold it together and [they] break out in rage and it's Hulk-like.

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"So, I used him quite a bit for that character," Mark added.

While the rest of film's sexy cast (including Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner) was suited up in superhero gear while shooting the comic book movie, Mark was relegated to what he described as an "incredibly unflattering" motion capture suit.

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"I was wearing a frumpy little, like, linen thrift store suit and they were all in their superhero costumes looking very, very full," he told Shaun, calling the first day of filming in costume "very terrifying" and "intimidating." "But I think it was exactly how Bruce Banner feels -- a little out of place."

To add insult to injury, Mark said the suit made him appear less-than-impressive in key areas.

"Wasn't it tight and kind of, yeah -- was it showing like, everything?" Shaun inquired.


"It was showing everything and not showing enough -- if you know what I mean," Mark said with a laugh.

See the fruits of Mark's hard-earned motion capture labors when "The Avengers" explodes into theaters on May 4.

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