The Avengers: Who Was The Bad Guy At The End?

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Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans in a scene from 'The Avengers' -- Marvel

Fans were treated to a scene in the credits of the box-office crushing "The Avengers" this weekend, but what did the moment that had fanboys and girls cheering mean for future Marvel movies?


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As Earth's Mightiest Heroes battled Loki, audiences saw the Norse god interacting with a mysterious figure credited as The Other. After Loki failed in his attempt to overtake the world and was given a one-way ticket back to Asgard, The Other's boss was revealed as Thanos.

During the scene, The Other and Thanos agree that The Avengers and Earth are a force to be reckoned with and another attack from the group "would be to court death."

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Thanos, an alien who is obsessed with death, and even fell in love with the personification of Death in the comics, is seen in outer space smirking.

Thanos' role in the upcoming Marvel movies is unknown, but as Entertainment Weekly pointed out, audiences might have already been given a hint that the death-loving purple alien could appear in the "Thor" sequel.

In the first Norse god movie, fans were given a glimpse into Odin's vault, where we laid eyes on The Infinity Gauntlet. Comic books fans will remember that Thanos, with the help of Death, destroyed half the life in the universe after he gained control of the powerful weapon that gives the wearer mastery over power, mind, space, reality, time, and the soul.

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With an "Avengers" sequel planned and "Iron Man 3" due on May 3, 2013, followed by "Thor 2" on November 15, 2012, we're pretty sure this isn't the last we've seen of Thanos' purple mug!

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