Look out! Avalanche narrowly misses houses in Italian Alps

Dylan Stableford
Yahoo NewsFebruary 9, 2014


A large, slow-moving avalanche that forced the evacuation of a small village in the Italian Alps last week was captured in a dramatic video by a local farmer.

The footage, taken in the Passiria valley in South Tyrol on Thursday, shows a huge wall of snow cascading down the mountain, engulfing a farm and narrowly missing several houses as it came through the valley.

No one was injured in the avalanche.

According to the Daily Mirror, 25 people from the village of Pill were evacuated just in time, taken to safety by car and helicopter.

The farmer, Thomas Ennemoser, shot the video from a safe distance on a nearby hillside.

According to local officials, the village will be unreachable for at least a week.

Late last month, a massive avalanche in Alaska cut off the only road into Valdez. Unseasonably warm weather in the state was blamed for the avalanche there.