Autumn will be eventful in terms of our diplomacy – Zelenskyy

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has announced an autumn full of events in Ukrainian diplomacy. He also said that Ukraine would adopt legislative changes to protect Ukraine from those who would weaken it the following week.

Source: Zelenskyy’s evening address

Quote: "We are also preparing our new international events for the autumn, new steps in relations with partners that should strengthen Ukraine. The autumn will be eventful in terms of our diplomacy…

We are already preparing for next week. There will be some special internal political meetings. They are already scheduled. Regarding legislative decisions... Something that will definitely protect our state from all those who are trying to weaken it, who, unfortunately, do not think about Ukraine, even though they hold positions in the state system. The strength of Ukraine has no alternatives."

Details: Zelenskyy thanked the defenders, in particular the paratroopers of the 80th Air Assault Brigade, who are fighting hard on the Bakhmut front.

He also mentioned the 68th Jaeger Brigade, which is killing the Russians on the Lyman front, and the 12th Operational Brigade of the National Guard, which is delivering the results Ukraine needs on the Kreminna front.

Zelenskyy expressed gratitude to the 46th Airmobile Brigade for their strength on the Orikhiv front and the 59th Motorised Brigade for their strength on the Donetsk front.

Zelenskyy thanked Rocket Forces, including the 27th Petro Kalnyshevskyi Rocket Artillery Brigade and the 107th Kremenchuk-based Rocket Artillery Brigade for their accuracy on the Zaporizhzhia front.

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