Autopsy: NY gunman shot self, not hit by police fire; no positive ID of body in burned house

George M. Walsh, The Associated Press

Police say an autopsy shows the U.S. gunman who lured two firefighters to their deaths died of a self-inflicted shot to the head and wasn't hit by return fire from a police officer.

A positive identification of the body found in 62-year-old gunman William Spengler's burned house hasn't been made. Police believe it was his sister.

Police say autopsies Thursday show firefighter Michael Chiapperini died of a single gunshot and Tomasz Kaczowka died of two shots.

Spengler, who killed his grandmother in 1980, set his house in New York state on fire and ambushed the arriving firefighters just before dawn on Christmas Eve. He wounded two other firefighters and a police officer.

Investigators haven't yet said how the ex-convict got the weapons. He was barred from possessing them.