Auto-frosting windows could soon be coming to cars

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Mercedes-Benz SL-Class already features Magic Sky Control

If you're the kind of person who sinks as low as possible in the car to avoid seeing someone you don't like, help could be coming soon from Mercedes-Benz.

The automaker is reportedly exploring ways to bring its 'Magic Sky Control' -- used to make sunroofs tinted -- to other glass panels in the car, potentially offering windows which can shade over on demand.

Magic Sky Control uses electricity to 'frost' sunroofs at the flick of a switch, rendering a previously transparent pane of glass opaque electronically.

Now, it looks like the same technology could be coming to other parts of the vehicle, with several blogs reporting that Mercedes-Benz officials have confirmed that they are working on adapting it for side windows.

Similar to the technology used in the Boeing 787, windows equipped with the technology would be able to shield occupants from the sun at the flick of a switch, or perhaps block the attempts of a nosy camera lens for celebrities.

Hooking the windows up to the car's main systems may even allow cars to automatically activate the shields when parked in a sunny area, helping to prevent the interior from overheating on a hot day, for example.

The technology, officials note, still needs plenty of work, not least because many countries have varying rules on tinted windows and safety requirements when it comes to window panels are stringent.

Nevertheless, it look like hiding from view inside a vehicle is about to get a lot easier.