Authors: Disbanded bandmates often exit music biz

FILE - In this Sept. 24, 2008 file photo, Michael Stipe, frontman of US rock band R.E.M., performs on stage at the Hallenstadion in Zurich, Switzerland. The band announced Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011 on their website that they are breaking up. (AP Photo/Keystone/Steffen Schmidt)

DAVIS, Calif. (AP) — Members of the now-former rock group R.E.M. will likely land on their feet. But will it necessarily be in the music world? Might construction be a better calling? How about health care?

According to research by Davis, Calif., pop music authors Marti Smiley Childs and Jeff March, disbanded bandmates of the past have ended up in everything from landscaping to auto repair. Who knows, the mechanic who tunes up your car may have once tuned up before thousands of screaming fans at the Hollywood Bowl or Madison Square Garden.

The authors documented career changes in the lives of dozens of musicians from hit bands of the 1960s for their latest book, "Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone?".

Childs and March found many of these musicians moved on to such widely divergent fields as financial services, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, and yes, construction and health care. Reasons behind these changes typically included the physical, financial and family strains of the music business, the authors noted.

A few of the career changes they found:

— Jules Alexander, The Association: tree-trimmer.

— Paul Arnold, The Zombies: physician.

— Colin Blunstone, The Zombies: insurance agent.

— Joe Butler, Lovin' Spoonful: construction worker.

— Karl Green, Herman's Hermits: tile setter.

— Hugh Grundy, The Zombies: chauffeur.

— Doug Ingle, Iron Butterfly: house painter.

— Vinnie Panariello, Spiral Starecase: car salesman.

— Sam Samudio, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs: ship's captain.

— Peggy Santiglia Davison, The Angels: psychotherapist.

— Pat Upton, Spiral Starecase: bar owner.

— Sal Valentino, The Beau Brummels: racetrack betting clerk.

— Jim Yester, The Association: ad agency owner.