Authorities searching for Wyoming County’s most wanted

FACTORYVILLE, WYOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The Wyoming County District Attorney’s Office is putting out a call to the public for their help in solving a two-year-old case.

In January, 2022, multiple rounds of shots were fired in the middle of the night at a home on College Avenue in Factoryville outside of the Keystone College Campus.

Pennsylvania State Police and the Wyoming County District Attorney’s office have been actively investigating the shooting,

They’re looking for anyone who knows something to say something.

“This was an incident that happened one winter night when a number of students, 20 plus, were having a party,” said Wyoming County District Attorney Joe Peters.

Back on January 29, 2022, the party at the off-campus house on College Avenue turned into chaos.

“And outside there were at least two different automatic weapons that were fired into that house full of students,” Peters explained.

The bullets broke windows, went through the door, and were lodged into the home. No one was killed.

One student was injured but has since recovered.

“That’s the case that we’re pursuing aggressively from the ballistics, from video surveillance, from statements of people who were there and weren’t there,” Peters continued.

The Wyoming County District Attorney says that there are suspects, but no arrests have been made, and no charges have been filed.

“We have an active investigation. We advance the investigation every month,” Peters added.

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District Attorney Peters says no arrests have been made yet because they’re still gathering evidence from guns used, bullets, and casings.

“But what we need to help us put it over the top would be any citizens, any concerned citizens who might have information,” said Peters.

Keystone College issued a statement saying they have a very close working relationship with the Wyoming County District Attorney’s Office and neighboring police departments, and they pride themselves on being a safe and secure campus.

Again, this shooting happened in an off-campus residence.

Following this shooting, a drug bust was carried out by the District Attorney’s Office, where several arrests were made in Factoryville and on Keystone’s campus.

It’s unknown to 28/22 News at this time if this shooting is in any connection to the drug bust.

Anyone with information should contact the Pennsylvania State Police or the Wyoming County District Attorney’s Office.

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