Australian science teacher demonstrates one way of making hand sanitiser at home

With a shortage of toilet paper and hand sanitiser as panic buying depletes supermarket shelves, Australian science teacher and YouTuber, Jacob Strickling, makes his own alcoholic hand sanitiser to help keep hands clean during the coronavirus outbreak. Strickling firstly peels the green skin off some aloe vera plants, leaving behind the inner clear, colourless gel which is then blended up in a kitchen blender. Methylated spirits which is 95 per cent ethanol is then added so that the final mixture has an alcohol content greater than 60 per cent which is necessary to break down the envelope protein wall of the virus destroying it. Although it might be fun to try making your own hand sanitiser, purchasing a professionally made product will probably be a safer way of preventing the spread of coronavirus. However, washing hands with soap for 20 seconds is also an effective way of stopping the spread of coronavirus, according to the World Health Organisation.