Aussie Uber Eats delivery goes viral: Man delivers food on horseback. See the video

Can you hear the trotting? If you're in Australia, that might mean that your UberEats order is about to arrive.

That's right. A TikTok video went viral showing an Uber Eats worker, Stanley Chen, delivering orders on a black horse in the Australian town of Paddington, a suburb of Sydney. The quirky equestrian scene caught the attention of giggling onlookers, and the video posted Wednesday quickly racked up over 1 million views.

And many now want their food delivered on a horse."How do I get my Uber eats delivered by Uber horse?!," user Kira Rollason asked on the post.

"Coolest Uber I have ever seen, who cares if the food is cold when it gets there, all that matters is how it got there. Love it," user Alanaa1703 commented.

“Bro… you know what VALID. These petrol prices and cost of living crisis really do be like that,” another user said.

But Uber didn't like the idea.

UberEats bans horseback rider

When anyone applies to become a delivery worker for Uber Eats in Australia, the application states that workers need a car, motorbike, scooter or bicycle.

So when local Uber Eats administration found out about the horseback delivery, the company banned Chen from the app, local news outlet 7News reported.

“There’s no horsing around when it comes to safety on our platform,” a spokesperson said according to 7News. “We hold 'em to a higher safety standard here, and it’s against our policy to make deliveries via horseback.

“We’re aware which ‘neigh’-bourhood this took place in, and this ain’t Texas, it’s Paddington," they added.

The now banned Uber Eats driver — or rider — posted a video with his response. While chuckling, he said that his horse is not an animal, but rather a "queen."

Meanwhile, TikTok user Dejavu.du said, "To be fair uber should pay you for the free advertisement."

This article originally appeared on Asbury Park Press: Uber Eats driver in Sydney, Australia ditches car for horse