Augusta leaders call on the community to help in clean up effort, as countdown to Masters begins

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta is two weeks away from its busiest week of the year–Masters Week.

But city leaders are asking for more help from the community to make Augusta look above par.

Over the weekend, pedestrians saw a large pile of trash behind the Carrabba’s on Washington Road, something that city leaders do not want to see.

“Obviously it’s disappointing,” said District 7 Commissioner Sean Frantom. “There’s multiple properties involved with that, and what you saw in those pictures.”

Some of the trash is still able to be seen, but Frantom says a resident nearby took it upon himself to put the litter in several trash bags.

“I called him this morning just to say thank you,” said Frantom. “This is a team effort to keep this city clean. Not only do we need to keep it clean for the Masters, but all the time.”

Frantom says there are 5 crews of Department of Correction inmates taking part in cleanup efforts around the city.

The amount of help has increased due to overcrowding, and the District 7 Commissioner says he continues to get calls about the work that needs to be done.

“That’s a disappointment where we used to have 21 crews Pre-COVID. But I get them, every day I get them especially in my district–Boy Scout, Skinner Mill, that area,” said Frantom.

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But he and the Marshal’s Office say it’s also up to the community to help make Augusta clean.

“We want Augusta to be clean the entire year. Of course, just like someone’s coming to your home, you want to get it tidy and cleaned up. We have lots of visitors coming, and we want the city to look good,” said Corporal Shawn Rhodes.

Rhodes and Frantom add that the best way the community can pitch in is to say something if they see something.

“Get in your neighborhood. Start a community cleanup, talk to the children and let them know that a clean community is a safe community. You just want to involve everybody,” said Rhodes.

“Code Enforcement does a great job, but there’s only so many of them. Just today I posted about right of way signs–I picked up 30 signs just this week myself, and I’ve been doing that since I became an elected official,” said Frantom. “The main thing is report what you see, so we can make sure these continuing issues don’t reoccur.”

Anyone with concerns regarding trash or litter are encouraged to contact the Richmond County Marshal’s Office.

You can reach them at (706) 821-2368, or Augusta 311.

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