Augusta commissioners speak out on Mayor’s vote referendum as voters cast ballots

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Yes, for the Mayor’s vote, or no, it’s a big decision, but is it a controversial one?

“So, what makes it controversial? Either give what the voters want, or you don’t. So, it’s all up to the voters,” said Lenwood Edwards after voting early.

But at Tuesday’s meeting, Commissioners getting into a heated discussion over the fact the resolution asking state lawmakers for the vote referendum came solely from the mayor’s office, and not the entire commission.

“The mayor did not do that. He failed this commission, and he failed the citizens of Augusta-Richmond County by not doing so,” said Commissioner Tony Lewis.

While the mayor vote is revealing a deep divide on the commission, voters have been deciding yes or no since late April: controversy or no controversy.

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“Yes, it’s a very important question. My personal feeling on the mayor vote is that the mayor should have the right to vote,” said Milledge Williams after he voted.

So, are voters troubled that just the mayor’s office made the request for the referendum and not the entire commission?

“So, you don’t see it as controversial?”

“I don’t. It’s all up to the voters. If it’s what the voters want, that is what they want,” said Edwards.

“He should not have had to ask they should have offered it to him,” said Williams.

“Yes, I voted yes for his vote,” said Charles Brown.

“Why? It wasn’t that way 25 years ago?”

“True, but as times evolved, things change,”: said Brown.

Some on the commission don’t feel the vote referendum was handled properly, but those already casting ballots will decide if change is on the way.

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