Auburn School District addresses safety concerns amid multiple fights, assaults

Some parents at Auburn Riverside High School are still on edge after a string of violent events on school grounds, including five masked students who made their way inside, punched a student, and shoved several others to the ground.

“To see the chaos. To see the children just mass fighting,” Dr. Jacqualine Boles, a parent of an Auburn Riverside High senior, said.

Dr. Boles took her concerns to the school board Monday during their regularly scheduled meeting. She told KIRO 7 she supports the district and how they have handled the situation, but worries this could happen again if nothing changes.

“My biggest fear, to be honest, is I don’t want to see my son come home and showing me videos like he did,” Dr. Boles said.

Superintendent Dr. Alan Spicciati addressed parents’ concerns during the beginning of the meeting. He says not only are they reinforcing their current safety policies, but also looking at other ways to improve school safety.

“That is step number one. Making sure we follow our security protocols and especially on not letting kids in,” Dr. Spicciati said.

Dr. Spicciati told KIRO 7 last week that three of the five masked students have been identified and face serious consequences ahead of them. Auburn Police say they have not made any arrests yet in the case, but tell KIRO 7 charges could be pending for the students involved.

Parents like Dr. Boles say it’s important to keep having the conversation about what happened with kids, that way, they can prevent this from happening again.

“We need to support them. We need to let them know that we are here and we care about our kids,” Dr. Boles said.