Attorney: Arrest of hospital patient on a walk was racist

CHICAGO (AP) — The attorney for a black Freeport, Illinois hospital patient who was on a walk while attached to an IV when accused by a white security officer of stealing hospital equipment contends racism was a factor in the accusation.

Attorney Ben Crump says Shaquille Dukes' crime was simply "he was in a hospital while black."

The 24-year-old Dukes, who was hospitalized with pneumonia, was accused by the security officer on June 9 of trying to steal the Freeport Health Network IV stand. He and two men with him were arrested on disorderly conduct charges after arguing with the guard.

Crump said Thursday his law firm is continuing its investigation into the incident and wants the charges dropped.

Freeport Health Network asserts admitted inpatients aren't allowed to leave the hospital. Dukes insists he received permission to go for the walk.

An independent third party review of the incident found no evidence of police misconduct or racial bias in the incident.