Attempted abduction at northwest Las Vegas park during Little League game draws concern from parents

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A frightening situation at a park in the northwest valley where a parent said they managed to stop a man from trying to kidnap a girl.

It happened on Wednesday night during a Little League game at Mountain Ridge Park in the northwest valley near North Durango Drive and West Elkhorn Road.

The president of the Mountain Ridge Little League team said a young girl was leaving a park bathroom. A short distance away, a man standing on a bicycle was calling for her. A parent saw the interaction, grabbed the child, and the man proceeded to leave the area.

“It is very scary, and we always ask everyone in our Mountain Ridge community to be on the lookout to always be watching, we have a lot of siblings here who just like to play,” Mountain Ridge Little League President Melissa Vraris said.

The league had never seen the individual before and praised the quick actions of the parent for saving the child’s life Vraris added.

Mountain Ridge League representatives said moving forward, a private security company will patrol the park when there are Little League games, which are Monday through Wednesday and Saturdays.

The City Marshals and Metro Police are investigating the incident and ask anyone with information on the incident to come forward.

The Nevada District 4 Little League said parents should say something if they see something strange.

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