We asked 4 astrologers to predict the Super Bowl. They all had the same answer

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Who will win Super Bowl 58? Everyone has their guesses – but astrologers have predictions.

Last year, we predicted (correctly!) that the Chiefs would walk away victorious. Using the same methods, we're analyzing the astrology of this year's matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 11.

To parse the 2024 Super Bowl, we called upon Sanctuary astrologer Lauren Ash, along with fellow astrologers Catherine Urban, Raquel Reyes, as well as myself, Lisa Stardust, for celestial guidance. Tarot readers Kelly Beauvais, Blue June, Theresa Reed and Sarah Potter weighed in, too.

Is it possible to predict the outcome of events using astrology? Here’s our methodology

We used both tarot pulls and astrological analysis to come to conclusions about the Super Bowl.

On the astrological front, we factored in:

  1. The event chart of Super Bowl 58, using the game's kickoff time and incorporating the new moon that occurred on Feb. 9, just a few days before the big day.

  2. Horary charts, which give quick answers to yes or no questions — think of them as astrological oracles.

  3. The birth charts of star players on both teams.

Tarot readers, meanwhile, pulled tarot cards for the prominent players.

And the winner of the Super Bowl will be...

The Kansas City Chiefs will be victorious for the second year in a row, based on our predictions.

But it will be an intense match, astrologers predict. Ash predicts "flared emotions" between players "because both teams have so much to lose."

Raquel Reyes foresees a high-scoring game, thanks to Mars, the planet of aggression, meeting up with transformative planet Pluto in the sign of Aquarius, "strengthening the will of both teams."

Lauren Ash points out that Mahomes' previous two Super Bowl victories with the Chiefs, in 2020 and 2023, had Leo risings in their event charts — and this game does, too.

Tarot pulls see the tables turning in the fourth quarter, with the Chiefs making a “wild comeback,” per Blue June. She pulled the Four of Cups, which denotes disappointment, and then the Wheel of Fortune, a positive card that shows a change.

Theresa Reed pulled the Justice card, associated with consequences that stem from "doing the right thing."

Kelly Beauvais pulled the three cards in the wands suit, symbolizing fire and action. Six of Wands means "reaching your goals;" Eight of Wands means "being pushed forward and charging toward the finish line;" and Knight of Wands is implementing "confident strategies."

Sarah Potter pulled the Chariot, a card of victory.

The Chiefs players' charts back up predictions

Ash points out that Chiefs quarterback Mahomes has a "strong and supportive trine," a favorable transit, with the moon and Saturn, as well as Mars trine Saturn. Translation? "Experience and endurance will help him come out on top in the end," she says.

Reyes points out that transiting Saturn also squares his Jupiter, "giving him strength to make power move plays on the field."

As for Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce? Reyes says Jupiter, the planet of luck, harmoniously connects with his Saturn, "rapidly heightening his success level."

Transiting Mercury's trine with his natal Mars, the planet of movement, will "activate his physical capabilities and team-oriented mindset," making him a "powerful communicator with all the right action and athleticism to back it up."

How things are looking for the 49ers, based on astrology

Astrologers also took a look at the 49ers' players charts. The transiting sun crosses 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy's Mars in Aquarius, showing he could "burn out or become overwhelmed by the game’s pace," and will probably play better in the first half of he game, Ash says.

Urban says this Sun-Mars connection could both heighten his athleticism but also "serve as a mark of frustration."

But Ash says "inexperience in leadership among his teammates" may cause the struggle, not his own plays.

Reyes agrees, predicting disconnect among 49ers team members, thanks to Neptune, the planet of illusions, squaring Purdy's Mercury, the planet of communication. This could "lead to disconnect with his receivers and questionable calls from the coaching staff," she says.

The astrologers emphasize Purdy will play a good game, with Jupiter conjunct his natal Saturn, bringing more discipline his way — but that the Chiefs’ charts are more overtly victorious.

“These transits indeed reflect that he is having his moment and that he has trained really hard for this, however, these transits do not paint a portrait of celebration and honors the way Mahomes’ does,” Urban says.

Moving to running back Christian McCaffery’s chart, Saturn on his moon may illuminate disappointment, Reyes says.

"While this doesn’t bode well for a 49ers win, it doesn’t mean they won’t play a powerful game," Reyes says.

Tarot readers also pulled some cards indicating stress and disappointment. Beauvais pulled the Nine of Pentacles reversed, indicating good luck turned upside down.

Potter got The Tower, a Major Arcana card associated with sudden upsets, means she expects a "literal game change" moment.

June pulled the Seven of Wands in reverse, which could mean the team will get “exhausted and be overwhelmed in the end.”

Reed pulled the Nine of Swords, which indicates stress, anxiety and mental battles. "Instead of an easy victory, they’re facing formidable opponents who are hungry to win," she says.

Reed also says she pulled The Hierophant for the outcome, which means that “the game will be close," no matter what. "The winner takes it by a hair," she says.

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