Asian crime expert says groups have invasive criminal presence in Canada

The Canadian Press
February 28, 2013

VANCOUVER - One of the country's foremost experts on Asian organized crime says the groups' invasive presence in Canada covers everything from kidnapping and extortion to drug smuggling.

Vancouver Police Det. James Fisher made the statement at an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing for an alleged Asian triad leader.

Seventeen years after Lai Tong Sang was admitted to the country, Canada Border Services Agency wants him and his family removed because of the man's ties to a criminal organization.

The board has already heard that police believe Lai was fleeing a bloody gang war in Macau when he brought his family to Canada in 1996.

Police in China claimed Lai put out contracts on the lives of three of his gang rivals — two of which were successful.

Canadian investigators also uncovered a contract put out on his life and warned Lai prior to a drive-by shooting at his home in 1997.