Ashley residents without water amid cold temperatures

ASHLEY, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Residents in one part of Luzerne County are frustrated after having gone without water since Saturday, and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Dozens of people who live at a mobile home park in Ashley contacted 28/22 News concerned about the issue.

“We’ve had some issues with water interruptions over the past couple years, and this one started on Saturday,” said Ashley Park Resident Tom Fadden.

There were over 100 residents at the Ashley Mobile Home Park without water on Monday. According to the owner, he said it’s due to the infrastructure of the aging water pipes.

“We had a water break yesterday morning. I reached out to my utility contractor, Enterprises, who presently is replacing all the water infrastructure in Ashley Park,” said Dean Summa, Owner of Ashley Park.

“Everything is old and, and it needs to be upgraded,” said Fadden.

However, some residents believe that the cold weather contributed to the most recent problem.

“Pipes underground freeze and it’s system from 1970s it’s not been upgraded or up kept. It’s just band-aid after Band-Aid This is the sixth time in two and a half months that we’ve had an interruption of water service,” said Ashley Park resident Alethea Roote.

Summa stated over the phone that he inherited this problem after buying the 50-year-old property back in 2005. He added he’s addressed each break as fast as possible, but admits it’s like finding a needle in a haystack because each break occurs in different spots underground, and they need time to locate the problem.

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“I had my own people that work for me investigate where there was a water break in an area that we made a previous repair in hopes of finding the break. After all the excavating I’m going to resurface all the roads. I’m gonna have roughly $1,000,000 invested in the water infrastructure at Ashley Park,” Summa said.

Summa also said that the waterpipe improvements for the entire area are more than halfway done, and plans are in the works to finish renovations.

“We’ve already installed about 60% of new water mains in the park,” Summa explained.

“What’s going on in this particular situation is the utility is owned by the owner of the housing complex. What is happening is we don’t know if the problem is gonna be found anytime soon. We have ability to apply pressure and make sure if there’s even money to cover the solution,” said Pennsylvania State Representative Alec Ryncavage.

Representative Ryncavage helped to distribute three pallets of water to local mobile home park residents to help them get through the water crisis. The water was donated with help from the Red Cross and Sam’s Club.

“If you are a family that is in need of this water, if you know a family that needs water and being affected by this crisis in Ashley Park, you can reach out to the building and will be able to get that to you,” Ryncavage continued.

According to the owner, they are working on a temporary solution and residents should have water around 12:00 p.m. Tuesday.

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