Ashley Judd’s grandma happy with Mitch McConnell, despite actresses’ potential bid

Should actress Ashley Judd decide to take on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2014, she may not have her own grandmother in her corner.

Polly Judd, a former member of the Ashland city commission and a political activist, told the Associated Press: “I think Mitch has done more for Ashland than anybody else who has been in there.”

“That means a lot,” she went on. “He’s been here personally, and we don’t always get that from politicians who represent us.”

Ashley Judd is being touted as a Democrat with the high profile, name recognition, and fundraising potential to take on the Senate’s highest ranking Republican. She recently dipped her toe into the political waters when she served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention and she has said she is open to taking a more prominent role.

But despite the hype, Polly Judd said she was skeptical that her famous granddaughter would mount a bid at all.

“I don’t think there’s any possibility of that happening,” she told the AP. She noted that Judd liked to attend races with her race-car driver husband — Dario Franchitti – something that would become less feasible as a senator.

If Ashley Judd did run, Polly Judd said she’d be interested to see the campaign.

“She’s a Hollywood liberal,” Polly Judd said of her granddaughter. “It would be interesting to see what type of race she would run.”

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Ashley Judd's grandma happy with Mitch McConnell, despite actresses' potential bid

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