What is ‘The Asheville View’? A web series with an eye on the South

The Asheville-based series takes an unflinching look at the heritage, hope and heart of the North Carolina city and surrounding areas.

Huge metropolises typically garner most of our attention in the United States, but there are countless smaller locales that have just as much going on socially, politically and in their pursuit of equity. One of those towns is Asheville, N.C. With the help of local shows like The Asheville View, you can see the historic Blue Ridge Mountains city in a new light, one that is both deeply attractive and refreshingly truth-revealing.

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Asheville, North Carolina, USA at twilight. Photo: AdobeStock

The Asheville View is a contemporary daytime talk show in the form of a web series that brings attention to important topics happening in the South. Though its title suggests a sole focus on Asheville, the show’s hosts—Aisha Adams, Kirby Winner, Myriam Weber, Tina White, and Kahlani Jackson—are all aligned with promoting the news of the city’s outlying areas and the South at large.

When tuning into The Asheville View, one of the first things you notice is its diversity, featuring all races and backgrounds. While the optics alone are refreshing, the purpose is to deliver content that elevates diverse voices, challenges cultural biases, and inspires social change.

The show’s scope includes interviews and videos involving equity advancement, local cuisine, wellness, community resources, business, music, artist spotlights, and more. Further, The Asheville View brings a special spice to the daytime talk show format, digging deeper and exploring issues traditional talk shows don’t (often due to the limitations of their platforms or parent companies). Owned and operated by the Aisha Adams Media Group, The Asheville View aims to be a safe place where the real stories of small businesses, local issues and marginalized people are heard, spreading information that is both inspirational and unflinchingly educational.

You can currently catch The Asheville View on YouTube, Facebook Live, or on the series’ webpage, which also features a blog of issues currently in the news cycle. You can also catch some great op-eds to spark even more inspiration. And if you find yourself in the Asheville area, you can stop by one of The Asheville View‘s live tapings—and even apply online to be a guest on the show if you have a mission, information, talent, or story that deserves to be shared. For more information, visit the series’ website.

Noel Cymone Walker theGrio.com
Noel Cymone Walker theGrio.com

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