Artist’s Gorgeous Portraits Made Entirely From Packing Tape


We’ve seen tote bags, gifts, and of course prom dresses made entirely of tape, but never before have we seen plain ol’ packing tape meet fine art so skillfully. Artist Olivier Poujol Molliens’ tape art collages are deftly layered, using variations in tape opacity to create realistic shadows and depth. You have to look closely to even see that he’s using the same stuff we put to work sealing boxes. 

The  artist was born in France but lives in Morocco, which provided him both with the inspiration for his portraits and his medium. Per his website, he was struck by the boxes and packaging adhesive piled everywhere, and soon discovered that Moroccans reuse almost everything. He then turned what would be waste into art. “Tones, colors, shapes and emotions I create from such simple material like the packing tape, never stop to surprise me,” he says.

It surprised us, too. Take a look at some of our favorites.

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