Artist in profile: Zella Day

AFP Relax NewsJuly 4, 2014
Zella Day

LA musician Zella Day attracted fans with a cover of the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" spotlighting her acoustic fingerpicked guitar and sweet, earthy voice. Three singles have followed, displaying a versatile pop sound and heralding a debut EP, due out this season.

Zella Day is an Arizona native (and a Pisces, she notes on Facebook) who grew up in a small mountain town where her family owned a coffee house that hosted live music. She now lives in Los Angeles and makes West Coast pop with a nod to her old-West upbringing.

Why the buzz?
Day draws occasional comparisons to Lana Del Rey with her swelling synths and melodies. While her music falls firmly into the pop genre, her nuanced voice evokes the intimate feel of the coffee house where she began playing live.

Hillydilly wrote, "She's got an aesthetic that would fit well with your favorite hipster or indie band, but her music has all the power of the great pop hits. This particular combination isn't that common right now, and nobody else is doing it nearly as well as her, so it looks like Zella may have the market cornered on what you might consider ‘granola pop.'"

"We've always been amazed at how Zella brings that sweet sunshine quality that makes her such a sweet girl, but underlying it all there's that deep darkened nightmare feel that puts you on the edge and sends you into a full on overdose of pop magic," says Oblivious Pop.

What to listen to?
You can listen to Zella Day's three singles -- "1965," "Sweet Ophelia" and "East of Eden" -- on SoundCloud, where you'll also find the White Stripes cover that put her on the map. Her EP is expected in "late summer" from B3SCI Records.

Where to see?
Zella Day recently played a show each in New York and London and is expected to announce a round of international live shows alongside her debut EP. For concert news and EP updates, keep tabs via Facebook, Twitter or