Artemis Arms works with law enforcement, offers gun repairs

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Artemis Arms’ reputation has gained the trust of local law enforcement. The business supplies firearms to local sheriffs departments and city police stations.
Artemis Arms’ reputation has gained the trust of local law enforcement. The business supplies firearms to local sheriffs departments and city police stations.

PORT CLINTON — To simply say Artemis Arms is a gun shop doesn’t give an adequate picture of all the company entails.

The veteran-owned business is a true gun shop that offers repair, restoration and custom-build services.

On top of that, Artemis Arms offers machine, welding and laser engraving services for a variety of industries, including boat, automotive and household needs.

“We’re a gun shop, not a retail center,” said Chris Burlingame, who owns Artemis Arms with fellow Army veteran Kevin Scarpino. “We’re the only true gun shop around. There’s nobody that does the scope of what we do within a 250-mile radius.”

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Works with law enforcement agencies, does restoration work

Artemis Arms’ reputation gained the trust of local law enforcement, and the business supplies firearms to the Ottawa County, Sandusky County and Erie County sheriff’s offices and the Clyde and Kelley's Island police departments.

“We do a lot of stuff with law enforcement, both local and federal,” Burlingame said. “We work side by side with all of them.”

Artemis Arms processes gun transfers for online sales and NFA transfers, and it offers basic and advanced gun repair and restoration work.

“We do restoration work all the time, and we’ve built a lot of guns from the ground up. We do very precision work,” Burlingame said. “We make a lot of hunting rifles. They are lightweight and long-range. One customer, he’s shooting his consistently at 1,500 yards. He loves it.”

The business offers post-housefire repair. Firearms that have been stored in fireproof gun safes can still incur smoke damage, and Artemis Arms can break the weapons down and clean each part to ensure they are in fully functioning order.

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Meeting engraving needs, too

Laser technician Gaby Mann offers laser engraving at the shop for guns and other products.

“We engrave pretty much everything. I just did a mirror for Clinton House,” Mann said. “We engrave cups, wood and plaques. I’ve done a couple of knife blades, and I’ve done some cool custom stuff on guns.”

Artemis Arms works on projects both big and small.

“On top of the custom gun work, we literally do everything. We have a full machine shop and weld shop in the back where we do antique farm equipment, dragster parts, motorcycles, and boat parts,” Burlingame said. “We even built a wheelchair lift.”

The shop offers Cerakote ceramic coating for guns and other equipment. The coating comes in custom colors which allowed the shop to recently complete a custom Joker-inspired Glock in purple and green.

“Cerakote is designed for anything that’s out in the elements all the time. We use it on motorcycle parts, rims for cars, and a lot of boat parts. It’s impact resistant and corrosion resistant,” Burlingame said.

Burlingame opened Artemis Arms when he retired after 20 years in the U.S. Army, but he has a lifetime of firearms experience.

“I’ve always dealt with firearms my whole life,” he said.

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Interest in gunsmithing started early

Burlingame first learned gunsmithing when he worked at a small gun shop as a teenager, and his skills developed in the military.

“In the Army, I did just about everything you could do with a firearm,” he said. “Even when I was in the Army, I did side jobs at a gunsmithing shop.”

Burlingame was last stationed at Camp Perry, and after retiring, he decided to stay.

“I really liked the community,” he said.

Since opening the shop about six years ago, he has gained many loyal customers, like J.R. Majewski of Port Clinton.

“Chris and the guys at Artemis are some of the best gunsmiths around. The service they provide is knowledge driven from their real-world applications,” Majewski said. “I personally had Chris design and build my AR. I remember him asking me ‘What do you want to build?’ My response was, ‘Build me the type of rifle you want.’ The result was one of the best firing, most precise weapons I’ve ever owned.”

Artemis Arms is located at 50 Jackson St. For more information, call 419-732-7077 or visit

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