New art exhibit at ECSU show the Ukraine war from women's perspective

Sep. 16—WILLIMANTIC — Throughout time, history has often been told through the eyes of males.

A new art exhibition at Eastern Connecticut State University, "Women at War," gives insight about the Russian War on Ukraine from a different perspective.

It features 14 female, Ukrainian artists who explored the pain and suffering of war while at the same time, expressing a message of hope.

" As you know, art has the ability to transport us as individuals," Eastern Connecticut State University President Elsa Nunez said during a press conference at the gallery on Thursday.

The gallery is in the Fine Arts Instructional Center.

The exhibition was curated by Monika Fabijanska and presented by the prestigious Fridman Gallery in New York, in partnership with Voloshyn Gallery in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Eastern was the first stop for the exhibition.

The exhibition tells the stories of the artists, with the pieces focusing on different aspects of the war.

"This is not a monolith, Fabijanska said.

The Russian war on Ukraine began in 2014 when the Russian Federation annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine.

On Feb. 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, displacing many who lived there.

" The war is not just about Ukraine," said Julia Wintner, director of the ECSU art gallery. " It's about national independence. We must pay attention to Ukraine because I believe the future of democracy is at stake."

In addition to many drawings, photographs are also displayed in the gallery.

Nunez said it was an " emotional moment" for the university and an honor for them to host the exhibit.

"We're very proud that it is here," she said.

Nunez said Wintner has a "stellar record" of uniting the values of Eastern with those expressed in the exhibitions at the gallery.

" I wanted to say that Eastern is a very welcoming place," she said.

Fabijanska said the exhibition is sending a message about European feminism.

Lesya Khomenko, an artist on the project, said