Arnold Schwarzenegger Defends His Honor, Silly New Haircut

Esther Zuckerman
Arnold Schwarzenegger Defends His Honor, Silly New Haircut

First it was Mitt Romney with that hat. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger with a bowl cut. The bizarre new look is for one of Schwarzenegger's forays back into action movies, David Ayer's Ten, and an on-set snapshot was fodder for comedian John Powers. The Governator was not taking it (too) lightly.

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Powers compared the former California governor's look to that of Forrest Gump. (We would have gone for a Moe from the Three Stooges reference, but that's just us.) Schwarzenegger took to his own account to call Powers out: 

Way below the belt. “@comicjohnpowers: Hey @schwarzenegger, Forrest Gump called, he wants his haircut back.…

— Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) December 4, 2012

In the photo from Twitter, the hairstyle looks almost clownish, like the filmmakers are planning to pull a Javier Bardem—put silly hair on a dangerous guy. That said, when photos first emerged of Schwarzenegger in character the look was deemed more "hipster," at least by Kevin Jagernauth at Indiewire, who surmised: "We don't know for sure, but it seems Arnie borrowed his latest cut from a vegan punk who's studying 16th century lit with a minor in philosophy, who also plays in an avant-folk band." 

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And don't worry, Schwarzenegger wasn't that offended by Powers' tweet.