Army colonel's defamation case against National Defence tossed by Ontario judge

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - A Canadian army colonel's attempt to sue National Defence for $6 million for defamation has been tossed out by the Ontario Superior Court.

The case involving Col. Bernard Ouellette was dismissed Monday, but details were only made public Thursday with the presiding judge noting that the officer's claims were still before the military's grievance board.

Justice Timothy Ray also said the case did not meet the legal test for slander.

Ouellette was dismissed from his command in Haiti almost three years ago following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a woman who worked for the United Nations.

He took the extraordinary step of suing National Defence and fellow officers for defamation after the department confirmed media inquiries about his dismissal and stated the long-serving officer was being investigated.

Members of the military deployed overseas are required to follow a strict non-fraternization code.