Armenian PM claims his country not Russia’s ally in war against Ukraine, Kremlin reacts

Nikol Pashinyan
Nikol Pashinyan
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The war greatly affects all Armenia’s international relations, he said.

“You said that we are Russian allies,” Pashinyan said.

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“Of course, it has never been said out loud, but I think it’s obvious. We’re not Russia’s allies in the war against Ukraine. Our perception of this war, this conflict, is anxiety, because it directly affects all our relations.”

The prime minister stressed that the West believes that Armenia is Russia’s ally, while Russia can see that Yerevan does not support the war.

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“It turns out that we’re nobody’s allies in this situation, and therefore we’re vulnerable,” the official said.

“It seems that there is some option to avoid all these collisions, but in reality, the more complex the situation, the smaller the room for maneuver. We’re avoiding it not because we have no opinion about the situation, but because of what I’ve already said: our problems are much larger, they don’t allow us to be more involved in solving other issues.”

The Kremlin has already reacted to Pashinyan’s statements.

“We know there are certain nuances regarding Armenia’s approaches to the conflict around Ukraine,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“We’re taking them into account, we know about them.”

At the same time, Russia continues to develop “conceptually allied relations with Armenia.”

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