Armed, Fleeing Motorcyclist Runs Out Of Gas

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Armed, Fleeing Motorcyclist Runs Out Of Gas
Armed, Fleeing Motorcyclist Runs Out Of Gas

Some people just have a problem with authority, no matter what it looks like. Perhaps that’s why a motorcyclist led police on a high-speed chase from Dearborn to Oakland County in Michigan, taunting police while openly armed, then finally running out of gas for a dramatic end to the pursuit.

Start seeing police motorcycles.

The man, identified as 26-year-old Dearborn resident Abdel Rahman Tarabah, decided to run from police when an officer tried pulling him over for reckless riding just before midnight on April 9. Instead of pulling over and taking the citation, Tarabah thought he could outrun the law.

It’s possible the man had this all planned out in advance, or at least that he intended to run from police if one tried pulling him over. Authorities say the motorcycle didn’t have a license plate displayed, usually a clear sign that someone isn’t going to be cooperative with cops.

But Tarabah didn’t just flee from police, he taunted them, popping wheelies, flipping them off, and riding through people’s front yards. Police say at points the chase hit 140 mph, but all that hard acceleration just emptied the bike’s gas tank faster.

After more than half an hour of fleeing at high speeds, Tarabah suddenly slowed down and finally stopped not because he wanted to, but because the motorcycle ran out of gas. That’s when the fun came to a screeching halt and police, with guns drawn, placed Tarabah in handcuffs.

Not only did this guy put himself and everyone else on the road in danger with his high-speed antics, he did so while armed with a 9mm handgun. Obviously, Tarabah didn’t realize that was a stupid, stupid thing to do, because he had a firearm while committing a felony, picking him up an extra charge from prosecutors.

If he doesn’t cut a deal, explaining his actions to a judge won’t be nearly as fun.

Image via Fox 2 Detroit/YouTube