Arizona State professor seen verbally attacking woman in hijab barred from teaching at university

An Arizona State University (ASU) professor, who was seen verbally attacking a woman in a hijab, has been barred from teaching at the institution, according to the school’s president.

ASU President Michael Crow said that Jonathan Yudelman, a postdoctoral research scholar, “will never” teach at the school again, following a viral video of Yudelman confronting a woman wearing a hijab at a pro-Israel protest near campus last weekend.

“He is no longer permitted to be on campus and will never teach here again,” Crow said.

Yudelman was a scholar at ASU’s School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership. He was identified in the viral video, which circulated on multiple social media platforms, that showed him cursing at a woman wearing a hijab.

“I’m literally in your face — that’s right,” Yudelman said as the woman stepped back.

The woman told him “You’re disrespecting my religious boundaries,” The professor fired back while using profane language.

“You disrespect my sense of humanity, b—–,” he said.

The school said the professor was put on leave and was not “permitted to come to campus, teach classes, or interact with students or employees.”

Prior to the incident, he resigned from his post effective June 30, according to the university. He was not scheduled to teach courses over the summer, according to ASU’s spokesperson.

The institution referred the matter to the Tempe Police Department to conduct a criminal investigation, according to the ASU spokesperson.

“Arizona State University protects freedom of speech and expression but does not tolerate threatening or violent behavior,” the school said in a statement. “While peaceful protest is welcome, all incidents of violent or threatening behavior will be addressed.”

The Sunday rally featured around 100 people. The incident comes as pro-Palestine protests have popped up on college campuses around the country. Students are protesting President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war and are pressuring institutions to divest from Israel.

Encampments have been set up at a variety of colleges nationwide. In response, some schools have called on law enforcement to remove them which has led to clashes.

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