Arizona Deputy Uses Taser Gun to Escape Big Black Cow Attacking Him

The deputy was answering a call from a woman pinned on the ground by a cow.

An Arizona deputy had to repeatedly Tase a big black cow after being attacked by the giant bovine.

Deputy Vincent Palozzolo was responding to a 9 p.m. call from a woman asking to be rescued from a field in Navajo County, where a cow had her pinned to the ground and wouldn't let her move, authorities said.

The deputy tried to scare the cow away by yelling and waving, according to a statement from the Navajo County Sheriff's Office. When that didn't work, he pushed the cow. The animal didn't budge.

So Palozzolo fired his Taser, hoping the sound would scare off the cow. That didn't work, either. Palozzolo Tased the cow, which resulted in the animal charging the deputy, knocking him over. After being rammed in the chest and being stepped on, Palozzolo repeatedly fired the Taser at the cow's head until the animal ran, according to the statement.

The deputy's ballistic vest prevented him from being seriously injured, authorities said. The woman and the deputy refused medical treatment. Palozzolo experienced some soreness, but was otherwise fine.

"Recently there has been a lot of weird cow activity in Navajo County," said Sheriff Kelly Clark.


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