These Arizona candidates still say Donald Trump won in 2020, or they're not sure what happened

Protesters dance in a 'Trump Train' to the song YMCA during a "Stop the Steal" and "Count the Vote" protest at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center in Phoenix, Ariz. on Nov. 9, 2020.
Protesters dance in a 'Trump Train' to the song YMCA during a "Stop the Steal" and "Count the Vote" protest at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center in Phoenix, Ariz. on Nov. 9, 2020.

Elected officials and candidates for office in 2022 continue to challenge and question the results of the 2020 presidential election in Arizona.

The results have been examined and re-examined, challenged in court and in a monthslong ballot review. No evidence has been found of widespread fraud or error in the results.

Yet candidates deny the outcome. Others don't quite go as far. But they raise questions about potential irregularities they say could have influenced the vote and should be examined.

The Arizona Republic is listing candidates by category by the race that they are entered in. This list is not complete and will be updated throughout the 2022 election season.

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Former President Donald Trump speaks to supporters at his Save America rally in Florence on Jan. 15, 2022.
Former President Donald Trump speaks to supporters at his Save America rally in Florence on Jan. 15, 2022.

Election deniers

These candidates in Arizona races deny that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, either in Arizona or nationwide.

US Senate

  • Jim Lamon, Republican

  • Blake Masters, Republican

US House of Representatives

  • Josh Barnett, Republican, 1st District

  • Walter Blackman, Republican, 2nd District

  • Eli Crane, Republican, 2nd District

  • Ron Watkins, Republican, 2nd District

  • Jeffrey Zink, Republican, 3rd District

  • David Giles, Republican, 4th District

  • Jerone Davison, Republican, 4th District

  • Andy Biggs, Republican, incumbent, 5th District

  • Brandon Martin, Republican, 6th District

  • Debbie Lesko, Republican, incumbent, 8th District

  • Paul Gosar, Republican, incumbent, 9th District


  • Kari Lake, Republican

  • Scott Neely, Republican

  • Paola Tulliani-Zen, Republican

Secretary of state

Attorney general

  • Rodney Glassman, Republican

  • Abe Hamadeh, Republican


Arizona Corporation Commission

  • Kevin Thompson, Republican

State Senate

  • Steve Zipperman, Republican, Legislative District 1

  • Sonny Borrelli, Republican, Legislative District 5

  • Wendy Rogers, Republican, Legislative District 7

  • David Farnsworth, Republican, Legislative District 10

  • Jake Hoffman, Republican, Legislative District 15

  • Anthony Kern, Republican, Legislative District 27

  • Janae Shamp, Republican, Legislative District 29

State House of Representatives

  • Judy Burges, Republican, Legislative District 1

  • Robert Scantlebury, Republican, Legislative District 9

  • Liz Harris, Republican, Legislative District 13

  • Austin Smith, Republican, Legislative District 29

  • John Gillette, Republican, Legislative District 30

  • Nohl Rosen, Republican, Legislative District 30

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

  • Gail Golec, Republican, District 2

  • Thayer Verschoor, Republican, District 2

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Election questioners

These candidates in Arizona continue to raise issues about the 2020 election process but do not deny or affirm that Joe Biden won.

US House of Representatives

  • Kelly Cooper, Republican, 4th District

  • Rene Lopez, Republican, 4th District


  • Karrin Taylor Robson, Republican

Secretary of State

Attorney General

  • Dawn Grove, Republican

  • Tiffany Shedd, Republican

Arizona Corporation Commission

  • Nick Myers, Republican

State Senate

  • Jan Dubauskas, Republican, Legislative District 3

  • Nancy Barto, Republican, Legislative District 4

  • Roxana Holzapfel, Republican, Legislative District 8

  • Warren Petersen, Republican, Legislative District 14

  • Vince Leach, Republican, Legislative District 17

  • Justine Wadsack, Republican, Legislative District 17

  • David Gowan, Republican, Legislative District 19

  • Jamie Kelly, Republican, Legislative District 27

  • Frank Carroll, Republican, Legislative District 28

  • Clair Van Steenwyk, Republican, Legislative District 28

State House of Representatives

  • Quang Nguyen, Republican, Legislative District 1

  • Steve Kaiser, Republican, Legislative District 2

  • Joseph Chaplik, Republican, Legislative District 3

  • David Cook, Republican, Legislative District 7

  • John Fillmore, Republican, Legislative District 7

  • Travis Grantham, Republican, Legislative District 14

  • Neal Carter, Republican, Legislative District 15

  • Jacqueline Parker, Republican, Legislative District 15

  • Teresa Martinez, Legislative District 16

  • Lupe Diaz, Republican, Legislative District 19

  • Beverly Pingerelli, Republican, Legislative District 28

  • Kevin Payne, Republican, Legislative District 27

  • Jay Griffin, Republican, Legislative District 27

  • David Livingston, Republican, Legislative District 28

  • Steve Montenegro, Republican, Legislative District 29

  • Donna McCoy, Republican, Legislative District 30

  • William Hardt, Republican, Legislative District 30

  • Marianne Salem, Republican, Legislative District 30

  • Leo Biasiucci, Republican, Legislative District 30

No clear answer

These candidates have failed to answer or not provided a clear answer on whether Joe Biden won the election.

US Senate

  • Mark Brnovich, Republican

  • Justin Olson, Republican

US House of Representatives

  • Elijah Norton, Republican, 1st District

  • David Schweikert, Republican, 1st District

Attorney general

  • Lacy Cooper, Republican

  • Andy Gould, Republican


Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

  • Doug Little, Republican, District 2

Joe Biden won

These candidates confirmed Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election.

US Senate

  • Mark Kelly, Democrat, incumbent

  • Michael "Mick" McGuire, Republican


  • Jevin Hodge, Democrat, 1st District

  • Adam Metzendorf, Democrat, 1st District

  • Delina DiSanto, Democrat, 1st District

  • Tom O'Halleran, Democrat, 2nd District

  • Andy Yates, Republican, 2nd District

  • Ruben Gallego, Democrat, 3rd District

  • Greg Stanton, Democrat, incumbent, 4th District

  • Javier Garcia Ramos, 5th District

  • Kirsten Engel, Democrat, 6th District

  • Daniel Hernandez, Democrat, 6th District

  • Raúl Grijalva, Democrat, incumbent, 7th District

  • Adam Morgan, Republican, 9th District


  • Katie Hobbs, Democrat

  • Marco López, Democrat

Secretary of state

Attorney general

  • Kris Mayes, Democrat


  • Martín Quezada, Democrat

Arizona Corporation Commission

  • Sandra Kennedy, Democrat

  • Lauren Kuby, Democrat

  • Kim Owens, Republican

State Senate

  • Ken Bennett, Republican, Legislative District 1

  • Rusty Bowers, Republican, Legislative District 10

  • T.J. Shope, Republican, Legislative District 16

State House of Representatives

  • Suzanne Lunt, Republican, Legislative District 14

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

  • Tom Galvin, Republican, District 2

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