Argentina's senate approves text of abortion bill set for vote

People in favor of the legalization of abortion demonstrate outside the National Congress in Buenos Aires (AFP Photo/EITAN ABRAMOVICH)

Buenos Aires (AFP) - Argentina's Senate on Wednesday approved the text of a bill to legalize abortion that will be put to a vote on August 8.

As approved by Congress' lower house on June 14, the bill sent to the Senate legalizes abortion during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy and provides for conscientious objection for practitioners, but not for a hospitals.

An initiative to shorten the time frame for abortion was presented to the Senate, but was rejected on Wednesday.

In the August 8 vote, senators will have to decide on the version of the text adopted by the deputies.

If most of the 72 senators approve the text, abortion will be legalized.

Supporters and opponents of the legalization of abortion demonstrated on Wednesday, with the vote expected to be a tight one.

In Latin America, the right to abortion exists in Uruguay, Cuba and Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.