From the Archives: June 15 in the Pioneer

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Jun. 15—June 15, 2012 — Students at Bemidji High School heard the first-hand experience of explorer and teacher Ann Bancroft, the first woman to successfully cross both polar ice caps to reach the globe's poles. Bancroft recounted her journeys and encouraged the students to pursue their dreams, however difficult they might seem.

June 15, 1997 — A pair of trumpeter swans is nesting in Park Rapids, a sign of success for the restoration of the species' breeding grounds in northern Minnesota. The male is a part of the DNR's restoration program and was born in a zoo, and the female is a wild swan. The pair recently welcomed six cygnets.

June 15, 1972 — A survey of abandoned cars will begin in Beltrami County, in an effort to remove and recycle vehicles that are no longer used. County officials will drive around the area looking for abandoned vehicles and try to find their owners to have the sign a release so that they can be removed.

June 15, 1922 — The Bemidji boys' band will be going to the Minnesota State Fair after they received an offer to perform for $800. The amount, however, is not enough to fund the trip, and the group is now asking for donations from the community. An additional $750 is needed, and those who donate will have their names published in the paper.