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In India, approximately 35% people suffer from chronic back pain. ISSP, together with the Brufen foundation, recently released the a set of guidelines on the management of back pain. Reliable estimates have it that more than a third of India's population suffers from chronic back pain. "At any single time, about 14 to 20% of the general population is afflicted with low back pain. Overall, up to 80% of Indians will have spinal or low back pain at some point or the other during their lifetime." says Dr KJ Choudhary, senior consultant, pain management, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. It is seen that when an individual encounters pain, it provokes an emotional response in everyone. Experiencing pain is a major reason for seeking healthcare. There may be many problems in terms of emotional response, like chronic anxiety, irritability, confused thinking and agitation. It also adversely interferes with the daily activities like inability to use the hand or walk due to difficulty in movement at the joint. This also affects on social roles such as community involvement. Moreover, pain has a profound impact on the quality of life and can lead to reduced mobility and a consequent loss of strength. According to a study done by WHO, it was found that people who have chronic pain are four times more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety.