‘Apprentice’ Producer Says There’s Footage Of Donald Trump Using The N-Word

"I assure you when it comes to the #trumptapes, there are far worse."

As Donald Trump graced the stage Sunday night (Oct. 9) for the second presidential debate in St. Louis, his campaign was left blemished due to footage leaked by the Washington Post of Trump saying he would “Grab them (women) by the p***y” over the weekend. Unfortunately, there could be more trouble brewing on the horizon for the Republican Presidential candidate.

Producers of Trump’s The Apprentice, are apparently sitting on some campaign shattering audio of the GOP nominee using the N-word during tapings of the Emmy award winning show. Chris Nee said she’s heard tapes are out there of Trump using the obscenity but doesn’t have them herself.

According to TMZ, the show’s creator Mark Burnett had everyone involved with the show to sign a confidentiality agreement, and if anyones leaks the footage of the show they would be subject to a five million dollar fine.

Once the internet got wind of a potential leak, they went to work and started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the fine to whoever released the racist audio.

The plot thickens as election day is less than a month away.