Apple's WWDC 2023 begins June 5th

The company might introduce its mixed reality headset at the conference.


Apple has set the dates for WWDC 2023. The company's developer conference will run between June 5th and June 9th. It's still in an online format despite the pandemic fading into the background, but there will be a "special experience" at Apple Park on the 5th for developers and students. The company isn't saying much about what to expect (does the graphic hint at a lens?), but this may be one of Apple's most important events in recent years.

Rumors have swirled that Apple will finally debut its mixed reality headset at WWDC 2023. The device, potentially called Reality Pro or Reality One, is believed to be a stand-alone device with an M2 chip, dual 4K displays, advanced body tracking and controller-free input — you'd use hand gestures and Siri commands. While the hardware may be aimed at developers and professionals (with a possible $3,000 price tag), it could include health features, full-body avatars in FaceTime calls and wearable versions of many iPhone and iPad experiences. It might not ship until later in the year.

Other announcements at WWDC 2023 may be more pedestrian. It's virtually certain that you'll see previews of iOS 17, macOS 14 and watchOS 10, among other platform updates. There may be service updates, too. While we wouldn't count on updates to Apple's existing hardware lineup, we wouldn't rule out introductions for some of the first M3-based Macs. The company did unveil the MacBook Air M2 at last year's conference, after all.

If history is any indication, you should see beta versions of operating system updates soon after WWDC. Finished versions should arrive in the fall. As with past conferences, most of what you'll see is a sneak peek of what's coming in the months ahead.

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